About us

Our limited partnership STUCCHI CECERE was born on November 1999. Our history traces back to 1932. After a few years of experience into a plaster shop, Amedeo Cecere took the decision to work on his own in a little workshop in Via Basento, in Rome.

In 1935 the workshop was moved to Via Tirso, becoming larger than the previous, where it still is to this day. During World War II, Amedeo was recalled to military service, but his wife Elia continued his activity.

After the war Amedeo decided to expand renting some premises near the ancient shop that he then bought. The workshop has always had a familiar character. At the end of the 60’s Amedeo’s second daughter started working, and after a while was joined by her husband and her sons.

A definite evolution in the products quality was made by Aldo, Amedeo’s first daughter husband.

In 1997 Claudio, Aldo’s son, began to cooperate with the shop and after a year Amedeo handed the management of his activity over to him. On November 1998 Aldo’s daughter, Danila, also entered Stucchi Cecere, which thereby reached its present settlement.